How to Apologize

1. Recognize you made a mistake. Admit to yourself you screwed up, and you need to fix things. It’s time to apologize.

2. Use the words “I’m sorry.” Do not tip-toe around an apology. If you do not say the words, no one will feel better about the situation.

3. Address why it was a mistake. Where did you go wrong? Show you have an understanding of why the person’s feelings might be hurt.

4. Actually feel bad about what you did. Show some remorse, otherwise the apology means nothing.

5. Don’t make excuses. Do not ruin a good apology with an excuse. It was your fault, so take the blame. Do not blame the victim or anything else for your screw up.

6. Try to help them understand why you did what you did. Put it into context. Was it ignorance, selfishness, or something else that caused you to act this way?

7. Say what you will change in the future and actually change. Talk about what precautions you will take in the future to prevent this from happening again.


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