Timelines Worth Knowing

1. Natural History – Start from the formation of the Universe, and finish at the rise of modern humans.

2. The Far Future – Find out the future of our planet, galaxy, and everything else according to scientific estimations.

3. Human Evolution – Follow the major events in the development of the human species.

4. History of the United States – Take a look at how the United States became the superpower it is today.

5. Historic Inventions – Every important invention ever.

6. Math – Math makes the world run.

7. Scientific Discoveries – A list of the major scientific theories and discoveries, along with their discoverer.

8. Space Exploration – Find out how we went from learning about the laws of physics to walking on the moon.

9. Computable Knowledge – Go from the start of arithmetic to the beginning of Web 2.0.

10. ConflictHistory.com – A bunch of maps that show how conflicts have progressed over time.

11. NSA Spying – How long has the NSA been spying on us, and how do they get away with it?

12. Giants List of Timelines – All of the timelines you can find on Wikipedia.

13. Chronozoom.com – Historical events put into perspective.


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