Can you express love between you and your mom in words?

This happens every time I board bus with my mom.

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Incident 1

Though the bus is empty I will let my mom sit and would love to travel by the foot board (not on the foot board just standing near it) so that I can get some air and watch the world going in reverse! Whether the driver applies brake or the bus jerks due to India’s excellent road conditions, no matter how far my mother sits from me she would shout on top of her voice,

‘Kanna kiza vilunthuda pora corridor la nikatha da’

(Son! don’t stand near the corridor you may fall down)

With her voice getting echoed inside the whole bus. Every other fellow passenger would now search for that poor child whose mother has warned, and they would find a 23 year old guy standing with beard and moustache trying hard to hide his embarrassment!

There comes a reply from me,

‘Vizamaaten ma kamibiya pudichutu thaan iruken’

(Ma I am not gonna fall see am grabbing the pole tightly.)

Incident 2

Some times I don’t know the exact bus stop for certain places. So I won’t be aware if we reached the bus stop yet!

So if my mom doesn’t see me getting ready to get down she will shout again,

‘Kanna prabhu enga da iruka bus stop vanthuduchu kiza irangu sikiram!’

(Son, where are you? we have reached the bus stop come on get down quickly!)

Again everybody would search for that kid, wondering whether he has lost his way or something. And there again a 23yr old fellow stands with the same poor face with all embarrassment.

After getting down I would ask her with all fury, ‘Ma why do you keep doing this to me every time? As if I am a kid, look those girls are laughing at me’

She would simply say, ‘No matter how much you grow up, you are always a little kid to me, ok?’

I just kept walking with my mom with a smile on my face! And from that day on wards never I would stand near the foot board or away from my mom! 🙂


That little kid!!! xD

My Family!!

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