How crazy is your mother?

TimeStamp: 29-Jan-2018 07:00 PM

I and mom went to a big nearby store to purchase dumbbells for me


(Image source: now we bought this dumbbell)

Mom goes to dumbbells section and started to lifting 2kg,4kg and 6kg dumbbells(Above Image) each and she told me “we buy these dumbbells da it has a good grip to lift and weights are equally distributed”.

My mom is from a physically strong family and also Mom’s two brothers are bodybuilders.

Everyone looks so shocking in that counter. attender told me for the 1st time mom come to this section, lift those dumbbells, gives the review for that product and buy those for her son.

I didn’t even know what to say!!!

(In my mind: Wow hereditary plays major role in life)


Me And Mom ❤

Strong and Brave lady!!!

Love you, MOM!!!


I already posted this answer in Quora comments I thought to repost this in separate question

Post Link- here

Quora Link- Here


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