What are some funny things kids did which made you laugh?

TimeStamp: 31-Jan-2018 09:51 PM

Today while I was doing exercise in my upstairs. suddenly I noticed an unusual sound behind me.

Like in the old ghost movies this humming tone “Hooo Hooo Hoooooo” I ignored that sound and doing my exercises.This sound was still lasting 2mins humming around.I thought how long this fellow going to doing this.

So I decided to turn around scanned the whole area around me.finally, I noticed this little fellow maybe he/she is around 6-7 yrs old popping his head trying to scare me.when he noticed me suddenly pull his head down like a turtle doing constantly like that.

I was laughed and shouted “dai unna na pathutenda” (Hey!! i see you!!) within a second he switch off his room light and vanished.

ha ha funny day!!

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