What made you happy today?

TimeStamp: 06-Aug-2017 6:05 PM
It is nice to see true love in the clouds of fakes, while I was having some me time in beach shore sidewalk and enjoying the tranquillity of that ambiance. #marinaspeciality #walking #littlejogging

  • I saw old aged couple expressing their love in the way of caring each other.
  • A pregnant woman with her husband passing in front of me safeguarding her wife in every fraction of seconds and making her smile with little chit-chats.
  • A small beautiful family having a joyful weekend with their little children playing, laughing and sharing their snacks with blooming smile on their faces is priceless.
  • A mother who helping her sick daughter to walk & to make her breathe fresh air .Each and every motive to strengthen her body and mind.
  • A loving father running behind his little gal saying “thoorama pogatha da kanna wait for me”(don’t go to far wait for me!!!).

What a lovely sight it was!!! Lot of Purest forms of love!!!

Marina Beach (Chennai, Tamilnadu)

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