What was the craziest thing you ever did in high school?

Ok this incident happened during my school days when I was in my 8th grade!

Seated in last bench was an honor and next to us was seated my classmate! Who was really good at Art.

My art teacher was around 60+ age. It doesn’t matter even if its hot summer he would still come in his safari suit! 😛

Every time during our art period that boy used to show his drawings to our art teacher! My art teacher, would appreciate him saying all encouraging words!

“Wow!!! excellent,marvelous,magnificent,tremendous”

I and my friends noticed this and felt that the teacher was appreciating him just simply, without really looking at his drawings! And we told him so, he thought like we got jealous of him getting applause, fought with us saying we don’t know what true art means and told not to talk with him anymore!

We couldn’t keep quiet so we wanted to prove him what was happening and when the next art period was up I scribbled something on the paper and raised my hand asking,

Sir I just drew this one, how is this?

He went and sat in his chair without even giving a look, teacher started saying,

“ Wow!!! excellent,marvelous,magnificent,tremendous”

I can’t stop laughing and I just sat down.

(Strike!!! 1 😛)

Then my friend raised his drawn paper and asked him how it was,

again he told the same!.

Above pic u can’t see anything rite that is the blank paper shown to him

(Strike!!! 2 😛)

The third time my another friend showed some scribbling

he told the same but only tremendous was missing and we shouted in unison sir you missed out tremendous! He cleared his throat and said,

Yah yah that too.

(Strike!!! 3 ) OUT!!! 3:-D

That boy who thought that our teacher was appreciating him truly, was literally in shock and become too shy and embarrassed to face us! 😛

Image source: My Notepad application

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