image When did you realize small things matter?

Everyday after I get back home from office I would open our fridge and aimlessly look for something interesting to munch! Just each day when I did the same, I found a little 2rs bar chocolate beneath the deep freeze chamber. I thought my mom would have kept that for me so i ate that. And every day I would find the same brand chocolate in the same place. And just out of curiosity I asked my mom about this.

Mummy fridge la neeya chocolate vekira daily? (Mummy is that you who keep chocolates everyday in fridge?).

She said, Ila da na veikala(No not me).

Then I asked my father if it was him!

He said

D: ya?!

Me: For whom?

D: For u!.

I was pretty shocked well as taken aback!!!!. (?_?)(!_!)(o_O)(^_^)(*_*)

(Image source google)

(Note: Me and my father aren’t that close. We don’t even share a friendly glance. And i barely talk to him.)

And this sweet gesture from him almost surprised me and showed all his hidden care over me!.

Little things such this makes us happy, that too when it comes from least expected people!!! 

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