What has been a recent embarassing moment for you?

I Broke The Egg

Last week when I and mom had a small argument.

I got back home from the office at around 8 PM.

Mother was sitting pressing her hands.

Me : What happened ma?
Mom : Nothing, hands are aching.
Me : What did you do?
Mom : Was making ‘Ravaladdus‘ for our relatives.

(Ravaladdu is an Indian sweet variety it involves lot of process in the making. Like it has to be made into perfect spheres while the rava(sooji) is still in hot condition with all bare hands.)

Me : why do you have to take this much strain alone.You have to wait for me know,I would have helped you with this.

Mom : ”Kizicha”!! this is so much difficult task you can’t do this you not even know how to make a simple tea!!!.

That’s it, my ego popped out and I wanted to prove mom wrong.

Me : Ma it was you who never let me to cook, Few times i prepared my mind and soul for cooking, You always tease me for my mistakes in cooking rather then appreciating my efforts.

Mom : Alright! So this what you want. Come lets cook for dinner.

***EGG RICE***

I never knew that will be the DOOM of my life.

She lit up the stove heated the urn added onion spices and cracked an egg and added to it and also she mixed masala and rice in the urn.

I was too curious about it I like to do this on my own

“amma! amma! thanga ma na muttai ya odaikiren please!!!”

I took a fork hit the egg hard with all my strength the egg collapsed.

Unfortunately, everything broke down even eggs shells are felled down in the spice mixture inside the urn.some of yolk was sticking in my hands too.

OK, I messed up the kitchen and everything, I also sensed the room temperature is raising slightly.I turn around to see my mom’s face, She already transformed into “Wrath-Mode”

Now I have to run for my life. Without delaying I moved out of the place went to bedroom put on my headphones increased the volume 100% and started playing games.

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(Image source- google)

Thanks for the edit Kuty Bro Eureka Mohan

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