What’s the worst thing you did as a kid?

It was my vacation time we visited my uncles house in Arani, Tamilnadu. I was 7 years old then. The house had a front entrance and was raised above the ground 3-4 stairs higher. An open drainage system runs underneath the steps. Like the below image

In That day some sort of celebration held in my uncles house every one in my family running here and there serving for relatives.

After dinner, i roaming inside for some time feeling bored.then i thought of doing my favorite acrobatic stunt.On that time I always had the habit of jumping from house entrance to street. like this image below

So i fixed my target to street

My visuals are narrowed.I took few steps back and shift towards the target like a “Murattu kaalai”(ferocious bull) approaching red flag.I took leap of faith and landed in street successfully.

But this time, i heard huge noise behind me like big rock thrown into the pit full of water.I turned around and checked what happened. I Only saw a pair legs pointing towards the sky,while the upper body submerged into the pit full of sewage water.

This kind of scene!!.With in a few second I started to recap my mind video recorder.what happened ? whose leg is this ? only then i realized 5 years old little girl standing in the corner of that footsteps. unfortunately, i couldn’t notice her.I accidentally, hit her with my shoulder that poor soul without have any support to hold she dived directly into the shallow drainage pit.

she was my uncle’s neighborhood kid, she also visits our house to attend the celebration.

Everyone from my house heard that noise rushed to the spot. My cousins,my elder sister,mom saw this tragedy they hurried to lift her from the drainage pit,Make her stand in the street and wiped her face to let her breath. i wasn’t even recognized her face fully covered with crap from the sewage water running down from head to toe.

when i saw this scene, I ran beyond the threshold limit of my body and soul can with stand.

after 2 hours like around 10 PM i scanned whole street and made sure no one was there i moved slowly without making any noise and slowly peeped near the door and i was checking what was going around. My sister was drying her hair with a towel and I felt a sense of relief.

aaah!!!”she is alive”!!!

So i freely entered inside the house i forgot about the big trap.I sensed heavy breath of combusted air originated from the dragon’s nose beside me.

aiyooooo!!! (0_0)!!!

My mom was waiting for me to give nicely!

!_! The rest is history!!!

(Image source- google)

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