What would you ask for if you had one wish granted?

Me and My Alien friend AK_Skinner(nickname)

I will share why I call him alien, unearthly being in this post and later on upcoming posts!!

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AK_Skinner comes to my house every alternative weekend.

I love to talk to him every time when he comes to my house. we discuss everything.we share our fact what we knew, information what we gathered, what we saw and what we experienced.

One day we discussed this same question:

“what would you ask for if you hand one wish granted?”

He told me interesting answer that i never expected.

AK_Skinner: I want my separate realm which located in the different dimension. whenever, wherever I think, I want to travel to that dimension.

Me: Then what’s in that dimension?

AK_Skinner: I need a huge island, fully surrounded by sea where I need a huge villa.

I imagine like this, but it would be the humongous structure for sure!

Inside the villa I need a big library which contains whole categories of books from earth like languages, novels, sci-fi, autobiography etc,,,The library should get updated itself whenever new books are released in the earth.

Me: Seems funny!!!, how can you read all those books, U can’t even cover 1% of books in that library has u have very less lifetime.

AK_Skinner: Ya,But I have set of protocols

  1. In real world it takes only 5 mins which takes 10 years in my realm. In this huge duration I can able to read as much as books in my colossal library.
  2. I will be immortal in my realm, I will never become old and I wont feel hunger and I wont get any disease.

Me: Wow!!! really great bro once again u confirmed that you are an alien.

(Image source- Google)

All so checkout related Ak_Skinner’s posts

#2 post-here and #3 post-here

Quora link-Here


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