What is your unusual hobby that is unique among your friends/social circles?

#2 My Alien Friend AK_Skinner(nickname)

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He was abnormal person, more logical thinker and less emotional guy.He was good story teller he loves to speak with random unknown people,because of that he knows lot of stories about peoples behaviors and thoughts.

I love to read quora and I learning lot information,stories from people posting in quora on other hand he likes to speak with random people and make them friends.

This same attitude makes me and him close friends.but accidentally we met at xerox shop for the first time.I spoke to him because I saw his subject notes which was as same as mine.I asked him about it,he gave me the notes.we became friends,though we were doing engineering but he was doing in different college,but living in same locality.

Let us talk about some unique behavior of this alien 😛

One fine day,he came to my house and started…………..,

Ak_Skinner: hi da, am I normal? am I speaking in weird way?

Me: What!!! why do even you have this doubt? you are an alien, I told you already rite.

AK_Skinner: Dai, Stop your kidding, just answer my question.

Me: Why? what happened? why do you think like this? give me some background information?

AK_Skinner: Okay, Yesterday i visited my old friend house.when i reached his room entrance where huge punching sound echoed all over the room.even it reached me where i am standing outside. i called from outside HeavyFist(nickname) are you there may i come in.

HeavyFist: ya come in?!. with same punching sound echoed

Ak_Skinner: when i saw him i think his last punch was heavy blow even that big punching bag made a hole in it.inside stuffs are poring down.

“ho leave it bro next time we will buy more high quality punching bag”.

HeavyFist: What!!! In Shocked expression.AK_Skinner Please don’t act to smart.I am waiting for common people dialogue for this situation like

“hey bro,i told you so many times why you hitting this punch bag so hard,then now you see it was teared away,money waste!” or “control you anger are you monster” like wise they will speak.Please don’t act like this next time.

AK_skinner: (Scared)!!!.Okay bro take care.bye.!!

HeavyFist-Good physic,medium body builder,His fist was so strong even he do push ups with is Fist. like this below image

I heard so many time his fist skins are teared he always wear some cotton to heal those injuries.but he never stop making is fist more stronger.Also he shows his extreme anger with that poor punching bag. That day,He was in so much anger because of his manager scolded him. That was the main reason leads to this scene

Back to our primary conversation….

Me: ho!!! i thought your are abnormal.but your friend is similar to you but different kind.

I love to talk to AK_Skinner. he tells me stories about different and unique nature of people in this world

(Image source- Google)

All so checkout related Ak_Skinner’s posts

#1 post-here and #3 post-here

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