What is the meaning of indirect intent?

#3 Me and My Alien friend AK_Skinner

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Me and Ak_Skinner never told our suggestion directly,it will not work in that way.Ya we experienced it!

for example:

Me: Hey bro! try this bro, i love this very much its useful for you too.

AK_Skinner: Sorry,i don’t have any interest.


Ak_Skinner: hey i saw this show it was awesome u must watch it.

Me: I don’t care,I don’t need

Then we both created new strategy with use of “Indirect Intent” concept

Whenever he comes to my house.i always play computer games in front of him.he speaks but i partially listen it and reply unevenly.when he gets tensed i pause the game and speak to him.I rise his temptation level he goes to his other friends ask their laptops and finish whatever game i played and finally, he bought new laptop asked some of games to play i gave him all my games in my pendrive or borrowed external drive.

Whenever he returns my external pendrive or external drive i saw one folder called anime. When i open that folder 1st time my life changed when i saw that Deathnote series etc,,,

then many series added under my stack. i get addicted to Anime,Like wise AK_Skinner Addicted to Games

Like These way “Indirect Intent” works for us.

It ruins our life ha ha ha. ME and AK_Skinner now have equalized addiction!!!

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All so checkout related Ak_Skinner’s posts

#1 post-here and #2 post-here

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