What is it like to have really crazy friends?

ME: Damn this going to be interesting scene (*~*)

#5 My Crazy & Freaky alien friend AK_Skinner

3 years before!!!

My another friend VK_Euro(NickName) joined a course for young entrepreneurship program.

There he met one of the instructor.he advised him that they are going to start some textile business for that they wanted some spirited people like himAs they had only few members in it,they needed more people.So the instructor asked VK_Euro to invite some of his friends to his house for discussion about the startup.

Vk_Euro called me and some how convinced me.then i called Ak_Skinner too.

Vk_Euro gathered Group of 5–6 friends including us and we went to instructor’s house.

Instructor welcomed us.we saw another 2 of his friends were there.

Lets describe about Instructor he is a kind of guy with Silver tongue.He started the concept of multilevel marketing bit by bit mesmerizing us.

But I already attended two to three sessions in different kind of MLM’s. It didn’t go well for me.On that time I searched for part time jobs. some what everything connected to MLM’s. I didn’t have any keen interest in it.

For 1 hour he lectured us about his profile,what he is doing and what is his future plan.after that he asked our opinions and ideas.We started to speak our thoughts except AK_Skinner, he remained silently.

2 hours gone……

Instructor noticed AK_Skinner because of his silence.

Instructor: Hi, Ak_skinner what happened? why you are remaining silent, don’t you have interest in joining with us,what are you thinking about?

AK_Skinner: Nope!!!.I am just analyzing this house,what are all potential threats will come to this house and How safe this is?!!

Everyone puzzled!!! My mind echoed lightened red alerts ”aaah!!.some huge thing is going to hit here.We are too exhausted and bored because of conversation with that instructor.The day finally firing up!! ”

Instructor: [puzzled!!!]How safe is my house?

AK_Skinner: It’s like a piece of cake when comes to robbing this house!!!

Instructor: [Sweats!!!]How??

AK_Skinner: Let us start(If i am a robber)!!

  • your house location is outer from this city and also few streets deep from main road.
  • I noticed this street for 2 hours straight.fully abandonment no one is roaming around.To Make sure i have to wait for 1 day to understand this street pattern.
  • When you and your family goes for vacation.I will come here to check if any security alarm is placed here.I have tricks in my sleeves to unlock this door without breaking the lock. Key is needed only to unlock for this kind of lock model.[In my mind “ha ha AK_Skinner Toying with them”]
  • I will enter your house and will check for main door’s duplicate key, every common person may place their key in hall left side or right side wall ,in shoes,cupboard or table.also I know some tricks to open inner door or else check for keys to open the door.I will take key’s soap markings to duplicate it.
  • I will check for your laptop when i open it insert my pen-drive and run manuscript program to invade this system.I prepare this software to start on system boot and it will run on background process.Once it is done I will shutdown the laptop.
  • Make sure I never disturbed any thing or kept misplaced object where it is.Lock every door whichever I opened and This time I will never going to rob anything.
  • I am not like a simple robber.I like to play with you.whenever you open your laptop,my program is going to monitor everything.when you connect the internet, my software will mail me the most used data. it may include the mails,passwords ,sites and even personal details.
  • After I gathered certain amount of data,

Real Game Starts Now!!

I will make you bankrupt,

I will make you suffer,

I will blow everything belongs to you.

Ended with 🙂

Instructor: [Stunned!!!]No words…..

Everyone was in thunderstruck!!!

Except me I knew AK_Skinner just toying with those poor souls,he well know how to manipulate people’s mind and emotions.

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