Kerala, India: What are some typical traits of Malayalis?

Malayalis are Hard-Workers, Entrepreneur, kindhearted and business minded people.

3–4 years before

I was pursuing engineering.This happened when After class sessions were over for the day.

Time Evening 4–5 PM Me and my friend Worst_Enemy(nickname) transformed into scavengers, our hunger reached out. we started to hunt for food.Depends on bucks in our pocket,we search for bakeries,charts,hotels,street vendors,juice shop and tea stalls.

We had a habit of visiting single shop regularly for a month if it suits our taste.likewise in our area we found good juice shop located in icehouse,Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India .We were a regular visitor we became friend with that young shop owner(27)(malayali).He told about him that it had been 7 years from then he started that juice shop in that locality and his life was moving smoothly.

(image source: my mobile)

Pic was taken currently. when I read this question My subconscious memory triggered this scene. So I went there and took this pic

One day, while we were drinking juice, sat in that chair talking to the owner of that shop.A guy mid(50s)good physique, wearing t-shirt and jeans came to this shop blocking the view and started talking to the owner in Malayalam. we couldn’t see his face.

I started talking to owner “hey bro, new Malayali friend aah?”.

“No! he is old friend actually he is the sponsor of this shop.he have 3 shops in this locality”,he said.

“wat!?!?”,We shocked.

The new man(50s) who had just arrived, turned around and replied,”Yes, I have three shops and also own new house in here”.

ME: Wow great sir,How you manage to do this.

50s: When i was 10 yrs old I ran way from hometown kerala, landed in chennai with only t-shirt and trousers(while speaking he adjusted is jeans and pulled it up). This back story synced with his current activity.I asked in the burst of curiosity.

ME: aaah! Unga trouser rum senthu jeans sa valanthuduche ungaloda( WOW!!Sir with your fortune your little trouser also grown into jeans now?!!!).

everyone busted into laugh

50s: ha ha,Illa itha na ippothan vangunen(No!! I bought this jeans recently)(childish manner).

In my mind this guy is So Kind and humble

ME: Then after you arrived in Chennai what you did?

50s: I started working in tea stalls as a dish washer boy,i worked in many shops,I slept wherever place which gave little shelter,Sometimes didn’t have money to eat.”Bit by Bits,inch by inches I learned every business tactics to grow in my life”. I tried to implement what I have learned.When I plan to take risk I put my life on the line it makes me think clearly and improves my courage & confidence .Now I improved a lot I helping those young Entrepreneur to thrive in their business.

ME: Thanks for you great story.

While we leaving the shop

My Mind processing this data and manifested those information

Wow Malayalis are great!!!.They don’t hesitate to make their hands Dirty(Even if they working as a daily labor they give 100% ).They are hardworking, Never stops learning,They are not stay long in the safe zone. They are moving forward.Risking everything to achieve what they need.

When I think about my family my father came to Chennai almost 40yrs ago. I was born and brought up in Chennai,Still we are in middle class,we sacred to start our new business,still we are staying in rented house,waiting for monthly salary.

I need to learn this great traits from malayalis.

When I just came out of the shop and started to see around me and noticed all the tea shops,juice shops,supermarket,bakery etc.., everything owned by malayalis. They are everywhere They are Shop owners. They are business people and They are humble Souls.


when I took this pic that shop owner was not there.I asked to that current owner also a malayali. He said,he sold this shop and settled in other location.

I Admire malayalis,

My Maths tutoring sister is a malayali, she was so smart,She used to solve the complex Maths problem with ease and she also have good at presence of mind.

My another friend also a malayali. He is a so talented guy multilingual(M,E,T,H). he is humble and richness in helping tendency .he also succeeded toughest Accountants exam after a years of failures and struggle.

Thanks for reading!!!

“Believe in Force”

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