What’s a little thing that brings you joy?

Free Ad

Every day while going to the office, I cross the Railway bridge to reach my destination.

On my way, I spot a blind lady (40+age) selling peanut burfi every day.

She used to stand near the right corner of the parapet wall that leads to the stairs. With a huge black bag fully loaded with packets of peanut burfi’s!

Every time I cross her, my heart and mind fight for the second if I should really get one burfi from her.

One day My heart won!

My Mind conveyed ‘Okay, peanut Burfi’s are good for health and also by getting one I can be a small part in contributing to her business!’ A little help.

A Win-Win situation.

I approached her, bought one!

She sold me 2 packets for 10rs. She thanked me with a smile where her happiness manifested.

So that gratitude pushed me to get burfi’s from her almost every day!

This went on for a month. And now I wanted to boost her selling. Kinda free advertising.

I bought it, I would open it without tearing the brand name on the wrapper and hold like this in the image.

I walk to my office eating this one as much as displaying the brand name possible.

Human Mind:

you can notice that wrapper is in red colour.

Red stands for alertness. You could have seen this on Facebook, youtube, Instagram etc Notifications.

When it pops up red colour our mind will intimate us to click it.

So I believe anyone can notice this having in my hand while crossing me.

So the shape and colour of the product get registered in their mind subconsciously. Called Indirect intent method!

If those people encounter the blind lady standing on the bridge selling the same burfi. they may think of buying one. So the trick works!

I never checked if the method works or not but I do this every time with faith!

“I believe in Force!”


(Image Source- My Mobile)

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