What is the best thing you learned from your enemy?

My former best friend now became Worst_Enemy.

1.6 years now I never contacted him.But I saw some great character traits in him.how to avoid unnecessary problems and how to be optimistic.

Even though he doesn’t have proper resources with him.he will try to hit the highest fruit in the sky high tree.

To much optimistic and reckless. sometimes it works well and Most of the time it will backfires.But he doesn’t care about it,he still hopes for the best.

He will exaggerate himself an unique guy from all

(He can make furious storm into little water drop in the blink of an eye)

He is the brain twister,he will make himself innocent and twist the people’s mind when they point him out that he is wrong.

Whoever he talks,he will make them feel their in the fantasy world.he penetrate in depth of their heart and give them life advice.

Worst thing is he never follows that.

He is the abbreviation of hypocrisy

#1 Incident

6 years ago we were studying 1st year in college

Me and worst_enemy were waiting for the bus in the bus depot. Our house in the same location. So obviously we became good friend and we traveled together.

One day Worst_enemy saw other department girl inside some other bus in bus depot.He thinks that the Bus may takes some time to move on. He thought to talk to her.

Worst_Enemy: hey!.lets we go and talk to her.I think she is alone setting in the bus.

Me: What the heck!?.We don’t even know her.We have hardly seen her in the college.Why we want to approach her?.

I am semi-Introvert and He is an extreme-extrovert

Worst_Enemy: Just come on,what will going to happen,We will make some friends,Just chit-chat, time-pass.

Me: I am so scared.I didn’t talk with unknown girls before.He grabbed my wrist and pull towards the way towards her. so we went there.

He introduced me and himself.he started talking with her.”When I seen you,I thought to clear my doubt?What’s you age 15–16?”

Likewise, he started the conversation then we made friendship with her.

After the conversation ended we came out and waited for our bus.

Group of guys 4–5 members approached us with red-hot angry face.(Mechanical Guys)

Group Leader: Hey!.We saw you guys are talking to her!?.

Worst_Enemy: Who?Which girl?.

(his mind sensed the situation was going to be worst. so he tried to earn some time to think)

Group Leader: That girl in that bus.

He pointed her

Me: (This is going to end up with the fight. My body prepared for the worst)

Worst_Enemy: Hey bro!!! are you sighting that girl or are you going to propose her?

Group Leader: [Puzzled & hesitated]. Yes!!!

Worst_Enemy: Give me your hand bro(shakes his hand) congrats!!!.Best of luck bro!!!.

(he Left that place)

Me: [petrified] & Group: [petrified]

#2 Incident

Java teaching staff she is one of the high IQ teachers in our college.she gave all her energy and soul to teach us java programming language. Unfortunately, 90% of us failed in that academic exam.She was at the peak of wrath.she scolds us heavily and she went to sit on the bench next to us.

Our classroom somewhat empty.Our class strength is 20–22 members.I and worst_enemy sat on the last bench before us they were a couple of empty benches.

Everyone in the class became so silent and No one dares to talk. Worst_Enemy whispered in my ears.I am going to speak to her and I am trying to make her calm.I told him don’t go she will burn you alive.He approached her, sat beside her and finally make her calm down.(Again False promises )

Thanks for reading 🙂

Image source-Edited by myself

Quora List –Here

“Believe In Force”

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