Which is superior: results (outcome) orientation, or process orientation? Why?

#6 My High IQ alien friend AK_Skinner

One day I and AK_Skinner were talking about business Tactics how this corporate still Booming since past 2 decades.In the conversation, we stepped into this topic

Result Oriented approach VS Process Oriented Approach

AK_Skinner explained me with an example

There is a BPO company handling Air*el customer support.

The company decided to prove their worth

So the Company head manager was about to announce

”we have 10 teams here, this month end we are going to select the best team who attended maximum number of calls from the customer in end of this month you are going to be rewarded”

Every team leader planned their own strategy to boost their call attending rate for their air*el prepaid customers.

9 team leads take up the Result Oriented approach

Result Oriented approach

Team leads think about Quantity over Quality.

Every day they raised the call attending rate.they less cared about customer satisfaction.Their aim is as fast as they are going to finish the call.they have to attend another.their call counts are gradually raised.this goes on for a month.

Process Oriented Approach

10th team lead thinks about Quality over Quantity.

This lead instructed

“we are not going to concentrate on winning this reward”.

“We are more going to concentrate on customer satisfaction. No matter how many calls you attend.Make user at least 1 in 10th customer should accept the postpaid offer.We need to be polite, we need to make them happy, When we solved their query we slowly introduce our new postpaid excitement offers with your politeness they will sure be going to change their network into postpaid”.

End of Month

1 in 9 teams owns the reward.The 10th team lost their game also got the lowest ranking of all.

Soon 1 week later company head manager called the 10th team lead.

“Hey!!!Our client is so happy that your team boosted their postpaid customer rate.they strictly instructed me to give a reasonable reward to your team and I talked to our CEO about this.he planned to give you a special reward for your smartness”.

10th team lead was so happy that his method worked well.

I don’t want any special rewards I have two requests.

  • Make every Saturday holiday for my team
  • There will be no night shift for my team

Thanks for reading 🙂

Image source-Edited by myself

“Believe In Force”


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