How crazy is your grandmother?

K.P.K. Kamala Ammal (88)+

She passed away years ago yet she is always in my heart! ❤

She is my 1st best friend, supporter.

She was one crazy old hag(she Always fools me), highly intellectual, brave badass women I ever seen in my life.

Incident #1:

I was in my 7th grade then, I and my kamali were standing near the balcony watching a distant house.

A cat was walking on it.

Me: Poonai ah thorathanum summa kathikite iruku! (I should kick that cat away keeps meowing)

Kamali: Athu paavam da apdiyelam seiya koodathu. (Poor thing, we shouldn’t harm that!)

Me: [quite] -_-

Kamali: Poona unn mela vizuntha ena panuva? (What if that cat falls on your chest?)

Me: (I recalled what she just told me and told) That’s a wrong thing to do I won’t harm it! What will you do kamali?

Kamali: Na thooki kadaasiduven (I will throw it off)

Me: (with a shock expression, I looked at her, you crazy old hag are you trying to fool me?!)

Kamali: Namaku athanala yethavathu prechana vanthuchuna namba ena pananumo atha panaum (If it is trying to harm us we have to do the necessary action)

Me: Oh, wow!

Incident #2:

I wasn’t able to sleep that night. Dont know what to do.

So I checked if kamali was asleep. I switched on the mobile torch and guided it towards her face to check her out.

Suddenly she opened her eyes widely, raised her brows and made a wired, Oohhhaaahh sound!

(Her facial expression similar to this image)(source google)

Goddamn, she scared the shit outta me. I trembled and shouted.

Youuuu crazy old haggggggg!!!!, why do you keep doing this?!

Those were very memorable moments of my life!

Will update you with some more craziness soon from my memory lane!

She scares me like this,Some time she look like vetalam(mythical demon) in freehair

(Image details: Saturday, ‎January ‎21, ‎2012, ‏‎11:31:36 PM, my laptop cam)

Thanks for Reading 🙂

“Believe In Force”

Quora link-Here


also read another post about my kamali (*_*)

How cool is your grandmother?


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