How cool is your grandmother?

#2 Great Kamali (*_*)

K.P.K. Kamala Ammal (88)+

She passed away years ago yet she is always in my heart! ❤

She is my 1st best friend, supporter.

She was one crazy old hag(she Always fools me), highly intellectual, brave badass women I have ever seen in my life.

She had been with me from the day I was born. She took responsibility for my financial needs.

Life Savior, my maternal granny! I have been a mischievous brat until my pre-teen. She takes care of me like anyone.She stayed with our family. Sometimes she leaves to visit her other sons home.Those days left me doomed. Mom hit me because I didn’t concentrate in studies.

She is the Spouse of Great freedom fighter.


If someone ever tries to harm her self-esteem she does collateral damage to them.

Even though she was born in village,she was broad minded person

She was rich in kind and helping tendency.

she is mother of 11 children she faced lot of problems to raise them all.She and grandfather did small-scale businesses, she ran a fast food hotel and also sold did Saree’s.

She was an influential person she played verbal tricks to get her job done!

After my grandfather passed away, she used to get pension (15k) every month.She gave me 500–1000 rs every month because I was the younger one among the grandchildren.Also I don’t waste money, I would behave like a banker! 😛

She loves Biryani ❤


  1. She knows how to write her signature.while getting pension her fellow pensioners used to put thumbprint. My Kamali put a signature. (*_*)
  2. When I was so sad and I told her kamali I don’t like to go school.She told me education is important for everyone. It will helps you to enhance your life.Even though she never attend school she well aware of education.
  3. She encourage her Granddaughters to wear modern dresses and also she suggest them to wear new designs and types. She gives an advice “you can wear any kind modern dress you like,But make sure it won’t be vulgar”

(Image- My archives)

Thanks for Reading 🙂

“Believe In Force”


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How crazy is your grandmother?

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