What is the worst career advice you’ve ever received? Why?

Mesmerize a girl who has a rich background or Find a girl who has potential to earn more income, Marry these kinds of girls. You don’t need to go for a job. Just enjoy your life and she will take care everything -Roadside_Romeo

My College Dairy

After college session ended for the day.Sometimes we went to the near by movie theater I forgot the movie name playing on that date in 2012.

We are three guys Me(Dark_Energy),Worst_Enemy and King_Cunning (NickNames) We went to theatre around 4.05 PM movie was to start at 4.50–5PM still there is a plenty of time.

We thought to have some snacks so king_cunning took the bike and we went to search for a snack shop by travelling in triples we stopped the bike near Pani Puri cart.

We ordered three masala Puri and sat beside the platform. We start the topic of love and arrange marriage conversation tides with some giggles and laughs.

Unknown person joined in our conversation(age 35–40) lets we call him Roadside_Romeo

Roadside_Romeo: Hey are you teenagers?

We: Yes!.

Roadside_Romeo: You guys are talking about love rite!!!. You three are so much lucky, You are in the right place, I have more experience in love and I am going to give you some valuable advice to enhance your careers.

In this world there are some Ducks which lay golden eggs, We have to find them and grasp them tightly if you guys married those girls they will do anything for you even you can’t give nothing back. Those are unconditional lovables.

So You have to search for rich/potential girls.you are going to live only one life, why not go for royal/intelligent bloodline.If you manage to marry those kinds of girls you life will be peaceful and rejoice,you guys don’t even want get a job,you can enjoy your whole life with your wife’s nourishment and she also give you pocket money to enjoy your life.

We: [Puzzled] (king_cunning intend to dig more deeper into him)Is there any ways to attract those girls?

Roadside_Romeo: Yes!!!,

  • You have to improve your charm and womanizing skillset
  • Invoke your Romeo inside you
  • You have to target only one girl at a time
  • Concentrate 100% of your focus to that target(Because you are doing this for your own happiness)
  • You have to speak them like they are everything to you
  • Make them understand that she is your number one priority
  • Bring her into your inner circle and push her at the edge to fell in love with you

Make sure you understand everything about her, she is rich/Intelligence.

If you dissatisfied.you have to create a big story make her believe that you are don’t deserve her.If she never breakup make her angry show yourself as a rude guy, Make sure she never follows your trail and After that search for another target.

“There is nothing is called true love, Everything works towards selfishness”this is your life you have to be happy so make whatever it takes to earn that Precious Duck.

We: (We understand this is going too Dark,So we thought to change the topic) Tell us about yourself?

Roadside_Romeo: I am living a happy life, I married a rich woman and also she is a government employee earning 40k per month, her family is also doing a big business.

I came to Chennai to see my friends, Enjoying my life, she always give me pocket money whenever I need.

We: We thought to move from that place,We started to end the conversation,he told us final words about us

(I think he is also a prophet)


I can easily disguise you people

For Dark_Energy You are scared to love someone, your mother only search a bride for you.(1st point is correct,I adore my mother)

For Worst_Enemy You are so secretive,you may be in the relationship now,you never tell anyone what your doing in the shadows(True)

For King_Cunning You are an unstable guy, No matter how many relationships you get soon it will end up in the breakup.

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Thanks for Reading 🙂

“Believe In Force”


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