Ancient Oil Lamp Stand

Hi guys!!!

Airavatesvara Temple

I saw this interesting circles in front of #lordshiva deity’s chamber(image 1)

and this circles also have seen around #lorddakshinamurthy (image 4) chamber.

circles represent supporting stand for #oillamp (image 7)


( Above Image source- Google)

Especially these oil lamps are seen more near Lord dakshinamurthy’s carving. dakshinamurthy is another form of lordshiva which denotes supreme of knowledge (teacher/guru).

These above images, we can see square shaped holes which used to drain water outside. Magnificent #ancienttechniques
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If I have power to time travel I must watch this live lighting of oil-lamps in ancient temple festivals 😍😍😍 @ Airavatesvara Temple

Image source- My Click

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“Believe In Force”

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