My thoughts about ElevenMinutes

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Today I have completed the #elevenminutes author#paulacoelho book

April 29th 2hrs 30pg(started)
May 1st 10hrs 176pg(the great thing I have managed my focus 70% around 10-12hrs thanks to#meditation )
May 3rd 30min 191pg
May 5th 4hrs 275pg (completed)

My thoughts:
This is the great self-help book with an original story.
The story about the Brazilian girl how her life leading to the difficult path but still she is extremely optimistic she approach the problem and see it through the end.
whenever she going to take important decision she put a condition if ‘yes’ what happens else ‘no’ what is the worst thing could happen.
she never feared, she always reminds her mind ‘nothing to lose’ world is yours explore it.
Also, I respect every job it as own story we have to give respect for people no matter what their work is?. I damn sure there is a load pain behind it.
Every 5-10 page Brazilian girl Maria writes her dairy 1-2 pages what her experience and comments towards the day. (These are great advice in life it’s useful for

my self-improvement I noted every page which I thought useful for me later for reread)
The book was great up to 217th page after that rest of275 page up to your own interest 😲😵😱😰😨
(Yebha!!! yebha!!! Paulo coelho ipdiya eluthuva unake overra ilaiya)🤒🤕😷

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Thanks for reading!!! 🤗

“Believe In Force”

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