The Story of Lord Sharabha

Look at this amazing carving  😍 

Airavatesvara Temple

This carving denotes a mini story takes place after the death of demon #hiranyakashipu.#narasimha(#lordvishnu) can’t control is wrath if this anger raises, even more, it will lead to the destruction of cosmos so every human, elves(#devas) and orcs(demons or #buthaganas) ran to #lordshiva and requested to make narasimha(half lion and half human) calmdown.

So lordshiva turned into #sharabha(half lion and half bird) form and defeated narasimha!!!.

Now u can see in centre lord sharabha with his powerful claws and wings hidden behind in red cloth.

Beneath you can see defeated narasimha and if u look even deeper u can see #prahlada son of hiranyakashipu.also in the background all races worshipping sharabha and narasimha!!!.

#indianmythology #lordshiva #lordvishnu #tamilnadu #cholas #ancientindia

Image source- My Click

Thanks for reading!!! 🤗

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