Vellai Pillayar Temple Carvings

Hi everyone,😇
This time we going to see about vellaipillayar temple in swamimalai,kumbakonam.
Image 1 & 2 – behind this iron grid u can see the big window like structure with full of design patterns inside that chamber #lordganesha carved in miniature white stone also called vellai pillayar. I didn’t research about that carved material. it looks so different from any other materials in that whole temple and also I am so sry I didn’t take any #vellaipillayar picture(u can Google it). the entrance of this chamber lies in the left side may be because of #vastushastra.

Image 3 – u can see #lordganesha vehicle #mooshika (mouse) in front of ganesha’s chamber.

Image 4 – #asura (demon) butler’s carrying food and waiting to feed lord Ganesha depicted left side window

Image 5 – I think butler feeding mooshika!?

Image 6 & 7 – in pic 6 u can see large oil lamp stand to place multiple lamps.

also, u can notice in 6 & 7th pics pillar patterns & structures and each carving are too different and the masterpiece 😍😍😍

Image source- My Click

#ancientmythology #ancientindia#incredibleindia #tamilnadutourism#tamiltemple

Thanks for reading!!! 🤗

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