What are some strange/interesting facts about women?

#7 My friend AK_Skinner stalked the College girl

Ak_Skinner have a schedule whenever his college session over in the evening he never waste a single moment.he come out from college and waited for mtc bus in stop at 4–4.05 PM .

When bus arrives he climb up the bus and he sit or stand on second last row. 3–4 days he noticed a girl who was coming exact same time from his own college may be different department.she sat in the seat near the 2nd entrance.

He noticed that girl, she also get down in the bus stop as same as AK_Skinner’s location.he doesn’t bother that whenever he get down he increase his pace to reach his house.

One day he was so curious to checkout her street and house location?

(Legacy of Men’s desires pumped in the form of hormonal stimulants)

This time he waited for that girl to get down from the bus first and thought to follow her.

She was moving a bit faster then normal person walk.

(she may notice the sudden change of AK_Skinner’s behavior)

AK_Skinner maintain the distance of 7–9 feet

2 min later……

She going to turn left before that she tilted her head slightly towards 5 degree left.then boost her speed to took a left turn and went deeper into the street.

AK_Skinner sacred didn’t know how she noticing him whether he was following her or not. because he was in her blind spot.She only spotted him when she turned her head from 0 degree to 30 degree on left to catch him at the edge of her eye. He also tend to turn left then only he noticed in the corner there is shop with gray reflective glass entrance like this.

Omg!!! what an instinct!! This Girl have High survival skill even she sort the best way to escape this situation.Wow Great!!!

He took the turn and followed her while increase is pace.when they reach half of the street.AK_skinner swift towards the steps to reach his house on the 1st floor in that same street and he watched her from the balcony.She turned her face to check still she been followed?!. No one is there??!!

Her serious and anxious face turned into little-hesitated smile and she patted her forehead with her hand. She walked towards her house with a sign of relief.

(I Think she is Finally built her courage to fight back who was following her,When she saw No one his there,she had little embarrassment on her own action)

Thanks for reading 🙂

Image source- google

“Believe In Force”


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