Amazing Wall Paintings

Hi guys!!!

Airavatesvara Temple

#kumbakonam #airavatesvaratemple #wallpainting #ancientart#tamilnadutourism #tamilnadu

I saw these amazing paintings on the outside wall of #lordshiva chamber. these paintings are the ancient masterpiece because of this paintings ages more than 800 years old😱😍😊.

Still looks beautiful and not fully destroyed by nature. Painted colours are from natural coloured rocks this is also the main reason for durability they are resisting from the environment.

The saddest part is lack of maintenance and some people don’t know the value of this structures they keep on scratching every painting!!! 😫😥😐 @ Airavatesvara Temple

Image source- My Click

Thanks for reading!!! 🤗

“Believe In Force”

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