My thoughts about the book”Veronika Decides To Die”

Today I completed the 2nd book of #paulocoelho the book #veronikadecidestodie



May 8 30min 9pg(started)
May 11 10min 13pg
May 12 4hrs 57pg
May 13 3hrs 83pg
May 20 3hrs 156pg
May 21 2hrs 191pg(completed)


Veronika the girl who had everything in her life but she lost her purpose to live and thought to end up her life with the use of sleeping pill. someone saved her life.when she woke up from her bed as she realizes that she ends up in an asylum.

The chief doctor revealed the shocking news about her current condition. Story firing up from there.

I FEEL after the 90th-page story is so interesting. I learned many things about how really asylum work.

Author concentrated on four main mental illness causing serious problems in this world with the background story of those patients how to cure that illness

(lost the #purpose in life, #depression,#fear,#schzophrenia(living in the fantasy).

Also, the author gave information about astral projection and the brief history of the object we are seeing in daily life but never bother to ask questions.

The story ends with the beautiful line

“An awareness of death encourages us to live more intensely”
Bravo #paulocoelho

My view:
3.5/5 for this book

Thanks for the book sister Ji @shoutouteureka

Instagram Link – Here



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