Pilgrimage to Tirupati

Hi Seekers,

Click from  Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vaari Temple


The Megalithic statue of great overpowered humanoid warrior #lordhanuman from #indianmythology.
When we saw this strong and powerfull warrior we get stunned, our #soulcleanses#spiritrefreshes our heart and mind uproars

Jai Hanuman!!!

Jai jai bajurangubali!!!

Our tiredness gone!our body reprepared for pilgrimage.

After climbing almost 2500steps(3km)(apx) towards top to reach #tirumalahills.


we started at bottom#alipiri.#lordhanuman statue located half way towards top after #kali gopuram.

We walk on long steps it goes on 2-3km.

Also We have to take road path 3km to reach #mulankalmandabam

This mandabam start with tiny steps to climb up 550-700 steps,
Some of the people even climb up with knees down posture (some sort ritual).

29791572_360460657783481_7797300119804039406_nfinally we reached top to see #lordvishnu #venkateswara
We travelled

19059236_360460631116817_6258353170867500120_nSteps(apx) 3550
Distance 9-11kms
Duration 4.30 hours
Such a divine experience we visit twice a year to worship #lordvenkateswara.

Image source- My Click

Thanks for reading!!! 🤗

“Believe In Force”

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