What gives you goosebumps?

In childhood, I was around 5 years old. Back then I was a spoiled brat who never obey anyone’s order.

We lived in 1 BHK flat that too on the 3rd-floor terrace. If my family member forgot to watch me I will run down to road or I stand on a balcony to throw pebbles or toys on the road sometime it will hit the pedestrians.

My mom apologizes to them for my mistake and Reward me with a big slap in my back (-_-). Also, I avoid food at all cost to increase my play time.

One day My mom and grandmother point me out in the direction to see the Ferocious monster with glowing blood eyes staring at me on the top of building watching me without a blink of an eye. That too it is 5 eyed monster. I was too scared and started to cry(sure it will kidnap me)!!! (!_!)

They scare me with this dialogue “Dai olunga saptudu anjukanna varan,Unna pudichitu poiduvan”(Hey eat properly otherwise 5 eyed beast will kidnap you)

If I protest for not to eat food or planning to escape they told me the scary tales of that monster and told it will kidnap me to their cave.

I finally caught the recent image of that monster but I only found 2 eyed beast.

Still, it gives me chills down the spine

zoom out #1

zoom out #3

Original pic


Image source- My Click

Thanks for reading!!!

“Believe In Force”

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