What do you love most about Chennai?

Nowadays Tamilnadu government is struggling like a little paper boat in the huge ocean surrounded by a powerful storm of corruption. Also, most of the news channels are pure garbage and showing stupid debates to blame others.because of that we hate this government and including employees working for the government.

But there are many honest government employees are doing their job correctly.

While I am going to the office, I took the same street route to reach bus stand from my house.

Every time I walk in that route subconsciously I noticed some old people are staying inside the building I didn’t care to bother it.

Few days before I thought to observe this building and looked up

Boom!!!! Night Shelter for urban homeless people wat!!!(?_?).

It was so clean and good environment to stay. government maintain this building very well. government employees doing their work perfectly.

I never thought this kind of facility available in Chennai.

I only saw this kind of public rest house in the movie “pursuit of happiness” hero and his little son kicked out from their rented house. They managed to stay there for one night.

I feel good inside, Thanked those employees in the bottom my heart.

Image source- My Click

Thanks for reading!!!

“Believe In Force”

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