My thoughts about ”Rage of Angels”

Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon the great American writer.his way of tactical thinking, puzzle solving and extraterrestrial imaginative knowledge leads him to the creation of successful detective, mobster and Sci-fi Novels.



Now I read 2nd books of his creation “Rage of Angels”
The Female Protagonist Jennifer Parker is a novice lawyer who breaks her obstacles to reach her way to become a successful lawyer.

She was in the tragedy, her life was in the middle of three boundaries One side Light another side Darkness in the middle she was in temporary peace. when she lost that place. her life is in the roller coaster her path twisted and turned with light and dark cycles over her, she was struggling to choose her way to safe zone. But the thing is Both Light And Dark are the safe and dangerous place in her life.

Jennifer Parker is an emerging lawyer worked in most difficult cases and helped the needy people who can’t afford them self to get a bail.
She raised her self as a legitimate lawyer who helps poor people and bring them justice.
She handled more fabulous and interesting cases, she won those cases with her honour and trickster mind.those her truly entertaining features in this novel.

Psychopath Vs Monster
Thriller, suspense, horror and violence those possessed me at the same time when I read this chapter. It is a piece of cake for Sidney Sheldon to create tension in the air for the readers and makes their adrenaline pumps at the peak.

Started-3 June 2018
Ended- 23 June 2018
Days- 21
Duration- 32 hours

I bought this 2nd handbook in Platform bookshops,pycrofts road,Triplicane

Thanks for reading!!!
“Believe In Force”


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