Ancient Stone Chains

Hi seekers,

😱😱😱 for all those years I failed to notice this precious thing.

wow, today I saw this ancient marvel🤩🤩🤩 in Sri Parthasarathy Temple.

This chain is fully made up of the single stone. It’s too much hard to mimic this design with the modern day 3D printers. they achieved this on ancient ages, maybe they used advanced ancient technology which still we never aware of that. initially, this temple basic structure built by #pallavas around 800AD(1200 years ago).
Also, this chain stone carved with snake structure on the above.

Similar Stone carvings are seen in Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

This pic was taken by me from #varadharajaperumaltemple #kanchipuram

Look at this chain.1st we think this is made up of metal. But the interesting part is this full chain craved from the single stone and formed a chain-like structure. Magnificent knowledge of our ancient builder carved this complex stone chain sculpture.

I was puzzled when I saw this Marvel structure, How they carved this kind of stone chain with the single rock?. Even today technology we can carve all most accurate ring shape rock with tools. That too we can create a single ring, not series of a stone ring which interconnects with each other to form a chain.

From the reference of praveenet ancient builders used a Rock melting technique to create a temple pillar made hollow inside for some ratio to produce various sounds .but for this stone chain it is too difficult to make this kind of marvellous structure.
there is a lot of unsolved mystery in Indian temples.
What if Ancient builders had advanced technologies then us or they learned this knowledge from aliens?.
We are searching for the Hidden truth!.

Maybe these chains are used as a hanging oil lamp.(but why they put too much effort to built this structure?)

So many mysteries around us.they are puzzles out there need to be resolved. our Kings were too powerful and talented humans in the world ever known. they left us hints to find out the ultimate power of human begin in the entity name #indiantemples


Thanks for Reading!!!
“Believe In Force”


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