My thoughts about ”Tell Me Your Dreams”

“Tell Me Your Dreams” by Sidney Sheldon

When I completed this book, I recuperated what I understood in this and what type of experience I have gained in it. This book has 3 segments when I read each segment I get a unique experience. Wow, Sheldon is the great storyteller.


3 female characters Ashley, Toni and Altee they were working in the same company. They notice that whoever close to them are murdered in cold blood .ashley feels someone stalking her, thought of one who responsible for this crime and the story progresses they finally understood the reason behind that serial murders.

#1 Segment(Pg 1-108)
I have experienced thrill and horror. There are some creepy scenes it gives me chills to my spine. The scene where Cold blooded murders of Male victims they were stabbed, mutilated and castrated to death(I can’t able to tolerate my nervousness)

#2 Segment(Pg 111-263)
Too emotional and honourable backstory for a side character. the Attorney lost everything trying to save the serial killer from death trail. Some mental supportive and lovable affectionate scene blossoms around attorney and his wife, this scenes are so much adorable. I can experience the tension, I travelled with this attorney I feel his stress and depression and End of this segment I experienced big scene!!!
(Pg 115-122 -> Attorney Flashback)
(Pg 149-153 -> Attorney wife support)
(Pg 250 -> Attorney Edge of Lost)
(Pg 255+ -> Incredible)

#3 Segment(Pg 267-341)
Most Traumatic experience. Sheldon knows how to hypnotize fellow reader. I don’t know that when I started to read the 267th-page next step I was at the 339 page I saw Finale exciting twist with author’s note. then I realized What happened I have incurred 4hrs in my timeline for this segment. Sheldon well knows how to grasp full attention towards his story.

Good social move this story’s main motivation was how the serial killers were born because they experienced extreme trauma between the age of 6-13. when they grow up they made the big influence in this society. the cause of those extreme traumas by child abuse and silent sexual torture experienced by those poor little kids, this things made them more violent and less human in nature while they grow up. The blame was those wicked crooks faking them self-has a good elder person towards children and slowly trying to devour them.

Started – 24 June 2018
Ended   – 30 June 2018
Days      – 7
Duration – 15 hours
Pages     -341

I bought this 2nd handbook in Platform bookshops,pycrofts road,Triplicane

Thanks for reading!!!
“Believe In Force”






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