Marina Beach Shore CleanUp

Every day from 6 to 6:30 AM I and my friend would go to Marina beach. I do meditation and my friend would go for a run.

After the daily chores, we stay there for few minutes admiring the waves and the sun rays reflecting on the vast ocean.

So on one such day, I remembered a post I came across recently, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fishes.

That was an alarming one I say.

I realized that we use way more plastics than we should and that is already deploying mother nature, Marina.

So to take a stand, we planned to do little cleanup from our side. We bought plastic bags and gloves for collecting garbages.

We started this on Monday (25/06/2018) after our meditation sessions we started picking up plastic wastes around.


Within 2-3min our garbage bags were filled. We picked many plastic water packets, liquor bottles (sad part is some of them were broken into tiny pieces we couldn’t clean them up), baby diapers (what kind of parents they are? Doesn’t even care to dispose them in the dustbin or at least to wrap it and dispose. It was thrown away as such)

It has been 7 days since we have started doing this. each person fills a garbage bag.

We are trying to keep our environment safe, because we are the change, it all starts from us

I don’t want to leave my legacy in danger. People of Chennai, Tamilnadu are already losing every natural resource around them.

Everything is getting transformed into concrete jungles.

In Chennai we are only left with mother Marina and this is how we can return our gratitude to her.

We are trying to keep our marina clean. Whenever I go to the marina I would fill one garbage bag and put it outside the beach, garbage bin.

My companion Anand Raj told me while picking those wastes ‘We are picking our wastes what we thrown throughout our lifetime’. Yes he is right!

Don’t know when are we going to cleanse our sins but we try to reduce our sins. I am in the process, we are in the process, when are you going to begin?

We are 90s born. We have to set an example for the coming generation. We are the change we are the ruler of this generation and upcoming one!!!

We must take initiatives to makes our city clean.
Raise !!! Raise!!! Raise !!!

Quora Link – Here

Thanks for Reading!!!
“Believe In Force”

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