What is the funniest thing someone has done at your office?

One fine day in my office, I was sitting in my bay, My Co-worker sitting back side of me.

My co-worker(NickName Dare_Devil) doing some serious work in his laptop Suddenly, he had a doubt and left his bay.after he returned he noticed, smile emoji pop’s in his Skype chat box from our team lead.

Dare_devil puzzled he checked is chat history if he sent any message to team leader accidentally, but nothing was there.he was staring at the chat box.

I casually turned around and seen him, I noticed him staring at his chat box and emoji in it.

I walked towards him and joined with him he told me the scenario and dare_devil replied the same emoji 🙂 to team leader.

We saw our team leader, what his reaction!?

He was puzzled and staring the chat in the same way and he looked at us doubtfully(?_?).

Dare_devil went towards TL and started the conversation

Dare_devil: ‘Ethuku sir? smiley anupchinga?’(sir? why did you sent me smiley)[skype chat]

Team Leader: ‘Nee than pa mothala anupcha’( you only sent me 1st)

Dare_devil: ‘Na anupaveilaiye!!! unga msg than 1st vanthuchu’ (I didn’t sent!!! this, your msg received 1st)

Team Leader forwarded the conversation history to all my team members by kept them in CC

We were shocked!!!

Dare_devil: what?! did I ??.

Suddenly Dare_ devil realized,

“Ho Gosh!!! , What the hell!! I did a mistake, I left my laptop unlocked”, he muttered.

Then he apologized to our team leader for what happened.

We found out who is that culprit. He is the only one capable of doing this kind of crime.

We turned around and saw the culprit (Nick Name Burj_Khalifa)(Co-worker)

Burj_khalifa he is the notorious guy and sarcasm specialist who sits beside me at my bay.

I was also a victim to him once, when I forgot to lock my laptop, my close office mate come to my bay with anger expression in their face and shown me what I have sent to them in the email like

“I love you, darling :-*”,

“I miss you so much <3”

Like that he sent emails to my close male friends, I was shocked! and look at this bloody Burj_khalifa who does this kind of nasty works.

So I and Dare_devil went towards him with beast mode tighten our fist, he swears to us “I didn’t do anything guys believe me”.We land a medium hit in his forehead.

Don’t know what to say, we just laughed like hell. this guy is always doing this kind of nasty stuff.

But this time team lead also fell in his trap!!! 😀

Image source- Recreated by me

Quora Link – Here

Thanks for reading!!!

“Believe In Force”


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