My thoughts about “Nothing Lasts Forever”

“Nothing Lasts Forever” by Sidney Sheldon

This time author placed me in the corner of the Hospital’s Operation theatre, Call room and Patients Ward etc.
The author captured the difficult life of female intern Doctors in hospital.
How hectic their work is!!!. Sometimes they have to be in the Call room for more than 24 hours attending emergencies. Every minute they will be announced to treat patients in the different wardroom, operation theatres etc,.They has to endure a lot of mental stress and sleepless nights to treat patients. The main thing is no matter what, they have to maintain their composure towards patients. patients mindset will be in anger, scared, nervous etc. Doctors want to speak in a friendly manner.
Interns followed the Head doctors for a Patients regular visit. Head Doctor always advice to their fellow interns “In any situation don’t express your personal nervousness outside. If Patient sees your fear and they thought they are going to die. It will destroy his will and reduce their healing capacity. So always keep your mindset calm and friendly”. Doctors are doing the most difficult job in the world!!!.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 1.09.38 PM

3 female intern doctors joined in the reputed hospital with glowing passion in their heart. How they deal with hectic work and facing internal demons and external threats to lead their life to become a successful doctor.

Prologue(Pg 1-23)
Paige(#1 Intern doctor) in the courtroom accused the murder of her patient after the murder she received 1 million dollars to her account from the victim. Is the Paige intention is to hypnotize the patient mind and get the Millon dollars Or it is the profession mercy and coincidence

#1 Segment(Pg 27-130)
Sheldon has the great talent to teleport readers from the current storyline which triggers the childhood memories of 3 main characters.
Paige, Kat and Honey
Paige(Intelligent, hardworking and Known many languages especially scene included in India and Africa)
Kat(Black Women with charisma and bravery)
Honey(Bright student and She have magic tricks in her sleeve to escape when she was in the apprehensive situation)
These trios had a good tendency to provide rich treatment to their fellow patients.
Also, the author concentrated in their character development, how they had a endurance and durability to sustain in their current work life from the tragic childhood memories made them like a gladiator in arena facing 1: N fight.

#2 Segment(Pg 133-292)
In this segment, the story started to become too interesting.
The author has beautifully shown the slice of life in the form of love in Paige’s scene and her current mental condition during extreme difficult operations, It raised my heart beat too.
In kat’s scene, how she loved her brother, because of him how far she has gone to save him and the mysterious bet turn her life upside down.
Honey met a psychic patient, the psychic told a prophecy about her life and how she persuade in it.

Notable Scenes
Interesting love proposal (Pg 154-160)
Kat’s Game(Pg 162-166)
Honey’s Kindness and Psychic encounter(Pg 185-190)
Lance Kelly(Pg 223- 225)
Rush Hour and Tragic(Pg 256-292)

An answer for unanswered.

I practised a new reading technique which works magnificently!!!
1. Fallow the Pacer
I used a pencil and paced the page line by line with the guidance of pencil unsharpened edge, It improves my focus and resists me to look back and forth
2. 20min and 5min
I set a timer to 20min and started to read after the timer stops, I marked the page, I took 5min break and write a little summary about what I have read for those 20min and start the timer for another 20min

Started – 29 July 2018
Ended – 8 Aug 2018
Days – 8
Duration – 8 hours
(Bcoz of these speed reading technique on 7 Aug 2018 within 3 hrs 40 min I covered 152 pages with “Pacer” and “20 min and 5 min”)
Pages -292

I bought this 2nd handbook in Platform bookshops,pycrofts road,Triplicane

Thanks for reading!!!
“Believe In Force”

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