What is the most innocent thing a kid has ever said?

A few days back my 3 years old nephew was crying loudly, screaming

‘Amma Parupu!! Amma Parupu!!’ (Paruppu- cereal)

On hearing his voice, my sister ran to check him.

He was in tears rolling down his cheeks and was still screaming the same ‘amma parupu!!’

He opened his mouth his little fingers inside.

Sister noticed that the skin inside his mouth got little swelled up.

She hugged him made him calm and told him nothing to worry it will heal soon.

She carried him to the bed and made him comfortable to sleep.

When she came out of the bedroom and noticed the floor, tiny skinned black gram was rolling on the floor.

Only then she realized that my nephew had tried to bite that skinned black gram. But the black gram has slipped out from his teeth and sadly, he has bitten is skin.

He has thought that the black gram was still biting him and he felt that burning inside his mouth skin.

In the evening he has woken up in half sleep and had asked my sister

‘Amma Parupu sleeping?!’

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