Has anyone experienced the Law of attraction working?

Yesterday, I was partially screwed-up(hectic work)!!!. I tend to reduce my negative thoughts. I decided to learn about Buddha and Buddhism for a few mins to break the loop of never-ending coding logic.

So I opened a wiki page about Buddhism’s origin and I start to read for a few minutes asking questions and searching for answers how to handle this anxiety(Task deadline exceeded) How Buddha attained nirvana?!. Suddenly My friend Baru_the_Sage(Nickname) called me and hand over a package wrapped with newspaper.

I lifted that, I feel the load. I carefully placed it on the table and opened it.
Boom!!!  I was really overwhelmed I don’t know how to express.

I just thought “Force is Working”!!!. What special about this package?.

Buddha idol“!!!! gifted to me from another friend of mine who requested Baru_the_Sage to deliver this idol to me.

He recently went to #bodhgaya (the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment).

He noticed me that I am into spirituality and meditation. He thought to bought this idol.

Then I look at my laptop screen and I saw a picture of Buddha’s statue!!! (*_*).

Is this is the coincidence !!! No!!! I believe this is the work of force.

Sign of mindfulness. It’s like positive vibes, the good omen or universe attraction.

Good things happen every day. We need to be a patient and a vivid observer. Soon We can observe very little changes happening around us.

Soon my mind went to a neutral state.

Image source- My Click

Quora Link – Here

Thanks for reading!!!

“Believe In Force”

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