What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

It is just not one, a back to back episode of embarrassment marathon.

It happened in College 2nd year semester holidays. I was planning to enjoy playing games on PC for this 30–45 days semester holidays. but from the 2nd week onwards my mom kept me annoying to search a part-time job.

I and My childhood friend Moral_Protector(NickName) were searching for a job as an event handler, catering server and pamphlet distributor.
few days after Moral_Protector called me and informed that “one-day discount sale event was going to held in Viveks showroom, near Mylapore”. so, we could try to be an event handler for that.

We were there at 8:00 AM.

Vivek’s manager greeted us and told the details, “It is going to be a big event here, we are expected a lot of peoples with 4 wheelers, your job is to inform them please don’t park in front or near the store and guide them to park their vehicles into the street beside the store”.

I think there was no parking lot available for the store and also other stores in that place, they won’t let other store’s customers to park.

He makes sure we understand the rules that he told and told he us to wear the event dress.

We were happy that we going to get free Vivek’s sponsored t-shirt.

They gave us the dress and cap to wear. It was an unusual sponsored dress

My mind hits me “There is no time to examine”

and also why we need to wear cap its only 2 hours event. we wore the dress and hold the cap in my hand and come out of the shop.

I was in the shock!! what the heck!!!

Store security also wearing the same dress. we looked at each other OMG!!

Then now, this is watch/security uniform, not an event dress. I realized for this situational only they given us a cap to hide our face. We wore the cap.

Strike One!!! Embarrassment level 1

The manager looked at me with a pride in his face and set me at the end of the platform beside the traffic sign pole.

I watched the time, it was 8:55 AM. I heard the alarm sound behind me and I looked back OMG!!! behind me, there was”Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School”

I was standing at the edge of the platform leaning over the pole, a lot of teenage girls crossed me not even bother to look at me.

Ya, I am also a teenage guy 19yrs old then.

I was in the extreme embarrassment because of this watch/security uniform. Ho Thank God! I slid my cap’s sunshade to cover my half of the face.

Moral_Protector standing opposite side of the road and laughing at me and Look at me pitiful “I am in the ordeal of shame” (-_-).

Strike Two!!! Embarrassment level 2

After 2 hours in the hell!. Event on the ending session. We guided each vehicle to park beside the street.

I suddenly noticed someone pedalling the cycle, stopped and staring at me. I looked at him with full of hesitation!!!. Omg, what the hell, that was my DAD!!!

How could I forget that this is usually the route to his office? he watched with an uncontrollable laugh and he started to cycling toward the office.

Strike Three!!! embarrassment level 3

Returned home with 500rs cash with me. My dad was there, I didn’t know how he came to home that soon. As soon as they saw me, mom and dad started to laugh like ceiling will fell down.

“Ena da Yaro namma payan mari irukanga nu konjeram ninnu pathen,unmailiaye namma payan than”

(I noticed that person looking as same as our son, I stood there and checked him, yes it was our son)

Again, They started to laugh at me (!_!)

Bonus Embarrassment!!!

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Thanks for reading!!!

“Believe In Force”

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