My Thoughts about “The Witch of Portobello”

The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho

Wow, Now I read  #4 Book of Paulo Coelho
This Book is like an interview, each character describe their relationship with Athena(The Witch)
The genre of this book is Spirituality
What I felt!
When I start to read for 20-30 pages I felt like this book is some kind of religious and I thought I picked a wrong book, But when I go deeper and deeper it entangled with spirituality!.


The author gave the touch of his Greatest Novel “The Alchemist“.
Athena Traveled alone to search the way to understand her own inner self, She learnt various methods from various people to fill her emptiness in her heart
This Book greatest positive thing is the author described the emotions & thoughts from each person’s view
2 powerful emotional sequences
Adopted Mother(What my only daughter think of me, if I tell her I am not her Birthmother?)
Birth Mother( I have no rights to ask her anything has if I took care of her?)
From the book, I understood 3 ways to fill our emptiness
1. The Search of Vertex(also contains the origin of vertex practice with Beautiful backstory)
Dance until you exhaust all your energy, Dance Its not like we need to follow any dancing steps, just dance whatever step comes in your mind.
2. Calligraphy
Athena Learnt to write powerful positive words by manifesting herself with her spiritual energy channelling towards her fingers to transform those words to radiate positive vibes
3. Athena’s Mystical session
literally, I felt that Author playing in my mind
Athena instructed her listener to follow her voice
Close your eyes,
Forgot the reality,
I am going to speak about some words, you need to imagine
Word “Sacred” everyone imaged something related to them and showed their gesture
Finally, she spoke the mystical word I too felt the same as what listeners felt, 
OMG, I bit shocked and thought Paulo Coelho are you reading reader’s mind?
Author well explained about the horror of Civil war broke out in Lebanon.
Author Detailed about Gypsy tribe(Athena’s birth mother)
Mystical life of Gypsy-culture- bone fire ritual.
They follow the mother Nature, they are not permanent settlers, they travel around the world on the path of Mother Nature. Athena’s birthmother gave some medical tips for her grandchild
“If my grandson caught up with fever go near to the Greenbush then rub my grandson’s finger on bush leaves, Greenbush will observe the fever”.
Gypsies never tell prophecy to their own, they devote their life to mother nature, they only tell prophecy to foreigners
Also, Author mentioned the world’s misconception about gypsy tribe and how they were traded has a slaves
After 60-70% of completion, Book dives deeper into Athena’s possession of Mother nature and she spoke the prophecy of others( I can relate My own Hindu temple festivals some devotees reacts they have possessed by god/goddess sometimes they spokes prophecy about the people around them)
After 250-260 pages I lost my interest, I am don’t have much interested in the way Athena’s activity changes
Started – 27 Oct 2018
Ended – 17 Nov 2018
Days – 22
Duration – 10 hours(Reading Technique pomodoro)
Pages -323
I bought this 2nd handbook in Zakir Ideal Book Mart, Chennai Moore Market Complex
Zakir(WhatsApp & call) : 9840492529
Thanks for reading!!!
“Believe In Force”

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