First Aid workshop @ALERT SIMLAB

First Aid workshop @ALERTSIMLAB

Timestamp: Dec 16th 2018(Sunday) 10-12 noon

I have learnt the vital basic skill for every human.
Free 2hrs Basic First Aid workshop held in ALERT SIMLAB
Thank you so much for the Instruction Mr.DileepGedela



He handled first-aid for 15-17 Victims in a real-life emergency. Your cheerful and witty speech makes everyone mesmerized in that session. Your’s Valuable 2hrs of speech is like I am listening to a story, you not only taught us safety tips and aid, you also well explained about human metabolism and psychological approach on apprehensive situations, I remembered almost all the safety tips and What to Do and What Not to Do?

What I have remembered

Good Samaritan Law

All hospital needs to give first aid to the Victim
During 1st Aid help
You don’t have to tell your name or any other details to police or anyone,
No one will file police case on you etc.,

Main steps to follow

Victim experienced Accident or unconsciousness
1. Don’t move the victim
(If we need to move the victim drag him to the platform, be cautious about head and neck region)
2. call for an ambulance
FirstAid(Recovery position or CPR)
3. Victim breathing – Recovery position
4. Victim Not breathing-CPR-when victim breaths-recovery position
5. Don’t Give water

Chain of survival


Call for an ambulance
FirstAid and CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
AED(Automated External Defibrillators)
(In other countries AED kit is mandatory to keep in hotels, schools, apartments, malls, colleges.
But in India, we only depend on CPR and Call for an ambulance)

In India ambulance, arriving time will be 35-40min in that meantime we have to do Frist Aid to keep the victim safe.

Vital organ

The heart is in the centre(80%) slightly tilted towards left(20%) for a few people it tilts towards right

Heart attack symptoms
Blood flow stops in valves inside the heart
1. They can’t talk so freely
2. They will feel a lot of weight in their heart
3. They sweat a lot

Some people claim that they have a heart attack after eating.
Pain caused by the lungs contraction(stomach least capacity is two fists of a meal)
Because of excessive meal inside the bully, It starts to enlarge at the same time digestive acid secretes more which rise the gas towards to lungs and its contract.

Don’t eat Digene, Eno and antasil tablets or syrups etc.,
people are becoming fat because of this
Normal Digestive process is breaking down food particles, antasil breaks down the food particles without the brain signal, Brain didn’t give any digestion signals so it doesn’t let energy to inject in the bloodstream it saves the energy has fat.
people feel hungry again. Remedy: sustain for 30min it will automatically digest


The airway is behind the tongue

Let’s imagine the scenario

You and you’re friend crossing the road on the middle of the road suddenly your friend fall down unconsciously if he/she head hit the ground it is a trauma.
Do not lift the victim, divert the traffic, if you can’t control the traffic.
then you have to brag the victim by pulling he/she shoulders on the ground level. don’t lift just pull to the platform.

The tragic story of Preethi Srinivasan
While swimming in the beach she hit by a huge wave, she became unconscious, her friends are in the crisis they lifted her body without protecting her head, her head left freely swinging in the bottom. bcoz of that, heavy tension created on her neck bone it brokes the spinal nerves from the brain, her body dysfunctioned for her whole life she only able to move her head, apart from that she can’t move her body.

From the brain lot of neurons flow to whole part of the body, Neck is not been protected, when we lift a person be cautious about neck and head region

After you rest the victim on the platform

  1. Check for any response
  2. Call them with their Name or Sir/Madam in your high decibel voice
  3. still, the victim is idle
  4. Tap or shank their shoulder(friendly gesture) and call them again.
  5. still, There is No response, check for breathing,99% victim will breath

At all cost
Do Not sprinkle any liquid or water
Do Not give any liquid or water to drink
(It will block their airway, within 3 min victim will die)
Even victim is conscious and if they have to undergo surgery
If he/she had water(6 hours delay)
If he/she had food(8 hours delay)

Victim Doesn’t response call an ambulance

*Victim breathing*

Recovery Position(Without Trauma on the head/head injury)


Victim lie on the Supine Position

Sit beside middle to the victim’s right or lift side make sure which has more space and safe. Grab the victim’s shoulder and Knee(grab the knee on the other side with respect to your sitting position) slightly turn victim on your side.
It preventing choking and supplies blood to the brain from the heart

Recovery Position(With Trauma on the head/head injury)

Victim lie on the Supine Position

Lift the Victim’s both legs upward, More Blood flows to the brain quickly, hold the victim’s legs until the ambulance arrives

*Victim not breathing*

CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

I have uploaded the video on Instagram – Here

Where is our heart?
Keep a finger on your stomach go up you feel Inverted V bone above 2 inches on the centre, heart lies there

During CPR always take your dominant hand and backside to the dominant lock the other hand to give more support. place your hand on the victim’s chest, Do a count of 30(20+10) compressions(1 – 2-sec delay), count it loudly

Airway closed for an unconscious victim

After 30 compressions, lift he/she chin gently up, bring it back to normal, check for breathing bring your finger near the victim’s nose, Repeat 5-6 cycle, when you tired, call another bystander, repeat the cycle until an ambulance arrives or still victim is not breathing

Explanation: Our lungs reserved some air when we start to do CPR it pumps the blood, when we lift the chin up, It pulls the atmospheric air inside the victim’s lung because of low pressure, bring the chin back to normal, start the compression again.

When the Victim is breathing, bring to the recovery position

  1. Above 12 years old use two hands for compression
  2. Below 12 years old use one hand for compression
  3. Infant use 2 fingers for compression

At all cost
Do Not sprinkle any liquid or water
Do Not give any liquid or water to drink
(It will block their airway, within 3 min victim will die)
Even victim is conscious and has to undergo surgery
If he/she had water(6 hours delay)
If he/she had food(8 hours delay)
Bleeding Victim

Emergency bandAid

  1. Took kerchief or cloth(makes sure it is clean), tear in half, fold one part and place it on the injury and talk another part tie it over and put the knot(one finger gap between knot and role).
  2. Injury in the leg, Put Emergency band-aid and lift the leg up, blood flow will reduce.

Choking Victim(Inability to breathe caused by a blockage in the throat or windpipe)

  1. GO behind the victim, hold your hand on the victim’s stomach, give abdominal thrust if the person can’t speak or breath
  2. Pregnant women give abdominal thrust upper stomach
  3. Yourself keep a hand on the stomach and press it on the chair for abdominal thrust

Epilepsy Victim(kaka Valippu)

  1. Don’t do anything
  2. Don’t give keys or holding their hands, they may hurt with that key or their hand may be broken. leave for 5min their brain giving 300/s signals within 5 min it will come back to normal

FireBurn Victim

  1. when the person got burning on fire don’t go near them, go behind and hit them with wood or anything which resist fire and push them in ground roll them up.
  2. Miner fire injury, put some mild water(little more consistent than water drops)
  3. Severe fire injury, place thick plastic cover to cover the burnt area.



If any queries, I am glad to help you.

Please reach me at

thanks, Pavithran you insisted me to learn FirstAid


Thanks for reading

“Believe In Force”

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